How To Decorate Your Coffee Table

Designer and Southern style expert Phoebe Howard solves one of our most pressing decorating dilemmas, offering her foolproof formula for arranging a coffee table.
Produced by: Lindsey Ellis Beatty
White Coffee Table
White Chinese Coffee Table ($600) from Phoebe&#8217;s Atlanta store, Mrs. Howard. For more information, visit <a target="_blank" href=""></a>. (While you&#8217;re there, check out her blog!)
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

The Coffee Table Decor Formula: Using these elements, you can apply Phoebe’s chic and simple method to any space or tabletop.

1. Something Tall 
Hurricane vases or candlesticks are great because when you light candles, they add sparkle and make everything festive.

2. One Oddball Object 
Choose something that’s sculptural and quirky to express your personality. Some ideas: a piece of coral, a glass orb, or a small ginger jar.

3. Something Fresh 
A nice pot of ivy, a fern, or some fresh-cut flowers add life and easy-to-change color to the room.

4. A Stack of Books 
Use a few large, pretty art books to make a stack, and top it off with something decorative.