Bold Paint Colors

Choose the best of bold colors with tips from our expert, Turner Carroll.


Hi, I'm Turner Carroll, Associate Decorating Editor at Southern Living. Don't be afraid to try bold colors. It's important to remember it's just paint. Paint is not permanent. When it comes to bold colors, testing samples on multiple walls is a must. Strong paint colours have a tendency to change in almost every setting. The combination of yellow, blue and white has a classic feel that is truly all its own. Remember to balance lots of color with simple furnishings and white space like these marble countertops. Vivid pink walls are the perfect backdrop for crisp, white linens. Carry the thought out though by adding touches of pink like a monogram and a chair and a pillow. Carry your color throughout even on the ceiling. Consider keeping your walls light and adding a punch of color above. Even a single motif can make a bold statement, go the extra mile to find those fabric that have coordinating wallpaper. The repetition of that one pattern will make a big impact, extend bright colors outside, even on the ceiling. Ground loud colors with complementary shades. [MUSIC] Varying the shades of one hue you can give a room dimension and depth. In this kitchen the homeowner chose three shades of blue off the same color card. Lightest on the walls, medium on the cabinets, and darkest on the floor. [MUSIC] Red can be a really tricky color to work with. It's important to experiment with different shades in this space to make sure you're selecting the right color. The rule of thumb is to look at each shade throughout the day. Saturated colors have a tendency to change depending on the light. [SOUND] Use white as a backdrop for colorful, patterned fabrics. Then, it's fun to accessorize with vibrant accents to tie the look together. [SOUND] Simple combos like black and white can make a room bold when paired with graphic patterns. The contrast of white walls and a black headboard give this room extra kick. [MUSIC]
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