Galley Kitchen Makeover

These homeowners share ideas and tips from their freshly remodeled kitchen.


Hello, we're the Allison's. Welcome to our kitchen. I'm Susan. This is James. We redid, our kitchen, about a year ago, and we want to share it with you. >The starting point, for the decorating of this room, was the countertops, which for, me was the hardest decision because there's so many choices and they all have pros and cons, but we really wanted, an elegant, touch in this room, because, you walk right into this room when you enter our home, at least our friends do. Yeah, one thing we did to open the room and give it more space (no period) was to kinda lay out the appliances a little more efficiently and especially, to build in several big appliances that normally chop up the room. The dishwasher, is all built-in flush. The refrigerator ,is built-in flush. It's counter depth. Instead of having this big thing, over in the corner it's now just this, cabinet over here that. The compliments, the computer ,cabinet and the pantry cabinet. So it. It makes ,the whole, room less chopped up. And a little, more stream line and flow a little better. When we were planning, the tall ,elements on either end. We were trying, to maximize ,storage and these parts. So ,we ,built in a pantry on one end of the kitchen, with pocket doors, that can go back into, the wall, and save a little space, and get out of everybody's way, walking in from the den. In a nutshell, what we were trying to accomplish, by making this great cottage kitchen, seem bigger ,without moving any walls, is to do several things. One, we went with a monochromatic palate, which gave a great, overall blending to the room, it just opened it up. I, wanted it light, but not stark. The second, thing, we did was use some tricks, of trying to get an optical illusion of more width, especially, in the middle part of the room, to kinda give a more rounded appearance, to the room.
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