The Southern Table with Jill Sharp Brinson Sources

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn
A mix of natural materials provides the perfect backdrop to let nearly neon pink borscht stand out.

Designer: Jill Sharp Brinson, Atlanta, GA;

Note: Many items on Jill’s table are vintage or one-of-a-kind. We’ve listed similar items when possible.

Glass tabletop: Rectangle Glass Table Top with Beveled Edge;
Benches: for a similar look, try Provence Dining Bench (449444);
Breadboard chargers: for a similar look, try Artisan Paddle Board;
Marble bowls: SL Marble Bowls (AD454);
Glass bowls: for a similar look, search “French jam jars” on; or try Picardie Individual Bowls;
Shell necklace: for a similar look try, Leather Thong Necklace (BFJ222NK);
Heart Place card: Heart Gift Tag by East of India ( available from Star Provisions; 404/365-0410.
Place card initials: for a similar look, try Martha Stewart Crafts Debossed-Print Alphabet Stickers;
Bamboo flatware: similar items from Erika Reade; 404/233-3857.
Napkins: custom dinner napkin in Salmon Linen;
Wine glass: SL Wine Glass (BG111) in grey, set of 4;
Tumbler: SL Tumbler (BG110) in grey, set of 4;
Wooden coasters: for a similar look, try JTL Creations;
White pitcher: Sockerärt Vase (8 ¾ inch) in White (801.484.65);

Tablecloth & fabric: for a similar look, try Monaco in Coffee Bean;
Menu card: Farmers’ Market Letterpress Cards in Beet;
Breadboard: for a similar look, try Artisan Paddle Board;
Glass Cake Dome: SL Three Layer Cake Dome (BM092);
Leaves around the cheese: Galax leaves;
Cheese knives: Bone Cheese Knife Set;
Small dish w/nuts: for a similar look, try Mini Latte Bowl;
Gray plates: SL saucer plates (BD392) in putty, set of 4;
Artwork: Photo by Rob Brinson;

Bread boards: for a similar look, try Artisan Paddle Board;
Drink dispenser: similar items available from Interior Philosophy; 404/851-0047.
Tortoise drink glass: for a similar look, try the Tortoise Double Old-Fashioned (NMS12_H1KGT);
Ice bucket: for a similar look, try Romanian Glass Clear Ice Bucket (G659);

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