Fresh Style for an Old House

Bright colors and sheer fabrics bring light and energy to this family home.

Majella Chube Hamilton / Photographs: Jean Allsopp / Styling: Missie Neville Crawford
Fresh Style for an Old House

Quite a Parlor
The home's back parlor conveys a striking presentation of sky blue, lemon, and vanilla. Jamie says she wanted it to be personable. "My inspiration is a mix of the light and airy with ornate touches and color, always," she emphasizes.

"Jamie's love of vintage fashion and her eclectic style made the transition to decorating easy," adds Sharne. "Upholstering the furniture and treating the windows was like dressing up each room and bringing it to life. Shades of blue and yellow are prevalent in Sweden, and Jamie is drawn to them. Living in Stockholm made such an impact on her style."

Creative Accessories
Jamie has an eye for curtains. Sheer fabrics in a variety of colors are layered and draped in swags to provide an artful focus against sunny windows. "Jamie incorporates unique tiebacks and big flowers--all fun elements that bring life to a room," Sharne says. Other interesting touches include wall niches for hat boxes, artwork, and colorful purses.

Mirror Impact
Ornate mirrors are in every room of the house, serving both practical and fashionable purposes. "Jamie says she hardly looks in them, but I know she likes them for aesthetic reasons," Sharne notes. "Mirrors add sparkle, openness, and light to a room."

With a style that is festive and relaxing, coming home to the farm was never so inviting.