Meet the New Tastemakers: Erika Powell

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn
Erica is known for traditional interiors that feel a little playful.

Q. How does fashion influence your interiors?

A. I don't think either should be taken too seriously. I like timeless pieces mixed with the unexpected, and I love a mix of high and low.

Q. Favorite place to shop?

A. Antique malls and thrift stores, which makes shopping a sport. I welcome a challenge!

Q. Best shopping advice?

A. You never know where you'll find great accessories.

Q. What are you buying this summer?

A. Clothes with unexpected color combinations and interesting patterns.

Q. Go-to summer outfit?

A. I wouldn't survive without white and black tanks paired with vintage jewelry.

Q. The must-have for every Southern lady?

A. Heirloom jewelry, which sounds terribly fancyÑhand-me-down might be more like it!

See more of Erika's work:



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