All White Kitchen Makeover

See Lindsay Bierman's 2007 kitchen makeover featuring all white cabinetry, marble countertops, and sleek hardware.


I'm Lindsay Bierman, and I'm standing in the kitchen of my craftsman bungalow, which was built in 1918. When I renovated the space about six months ago, I didn't want it to be a period kitchen, or a craftsman kitchen, but I wanted it to be a timeless space. It felt, dated before. There was nothing wrong with it. It had granite counter tops, pickled floors and it really felt like 1986 every time I walked into it. So, what you see here is basically an all white scheme, which I think is always classic, always looks good, always looks clean. The main thing that we did was to replace the countertops. In order to get that all white look, I decided to go ahead and put in brand new marble counter tops, which cost between $80 and $100 a foot, a linear foot, and that's installed depending on where you live and who your supplier is. You'll see here on this drawer we have just this new stainless knob here which I installed on all of the cabinets. It was such an inexpensive way to really update the look. before, there were rounded metal handles which had a really, kind of a, just cheap dated feel to them, and these feel really good on the hand. When I chose the sink I really wanted something that was the size of a bathtub, but I was only limited to the width of these lower cabinets. So I chose the biggest one that I could find that would allow me to wash dishes and dry them on the left side. I installed a filtered water dispenser so I didn't have to wrestle with one of those plastic filters everyday in the refrigerator. And then, I chose the goose neck because it has the very powerful spray, but also a gentle trickle to it. And it's just an easy thing to do when you pull this down. I can fill a pasta pot on the counter top rinse down the whole sink, and it makes it just so much easier to cleanup. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my kitchen.

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