Easy & Elegant Evergreen Wreath

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn
This festive wreath starts with a premade version before it is transformed into an elegant ornament to welcome holiday guests.

To create this wreath, start with a premade version (themagnoliacompany.com) and embellish with pinecones and ribbons. Add smaller wreaths to accent all the front windows of the home.

• evergreens like cedar or holly
• berries like juniper or nandina
• 36-inch premade wreath (for the door)
• 24-inch premade wreath (for each window)
• florist wire
• magnolia leaves
• 2 yards narrow satin ribbon (large wreath only)
• 3 pinecones (large wreath only)
• 3 yards of 2-inch-wide wired velvet or other fabric ribbon for each wreath

To Make
1. Insert evergreens and berries into each wreath, and secure with florist wire. Add magnolia leaves so the brown backs show.

2. Tie narrow ribbon around the stem end of three pinecones, and then secure to the top center of the large wreath. Wire pieces of ribbon to the wreath so they flow outward.

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