Dramatic Mix

Crisp white costars with warm woods to pull off a polished, spalike style.
Todd Childs
Dramatic Mix
Charles Walton IV

Beautiful Light Day and Night
Architect Scott Merrill let the sun shine in by grouping four windows above the tub. Simple half-curtains afford privacy but don't impede light.

Brushed nickel sconces flank the mirrors above the vanities. Because baths are meant for relaxing, too, layer the light. Recessed and dimmable halogen ceiling lights do the trick here. The painted walls create a luminous atmosphere. "They react with light," says Marsha. "They subtly shift in hue throughout the day. It's fantastic."

Lighten Up Your Bath
  •  Use glass tile to bring sparkle to the room. The reflective properties of the glass add splashes of light.
  •  Consider a skylight, especially above the tub or shower. But take a look outside first. If the skylight doesn't have any shade, you could be in for a steamier shower than you want.
  •  Fluorescent light is not the way to go. Choose thoughtfully placed task lighting, such as sconces and water-resistant can lights, in the shower. Use sconces to flank mirrors; they provide great lighting for getting ready.

"Dramatic Mix" is from the September 2007 issue of Southern Living.