Drama With Red

Laurey W. Glenn / Styling Lisa Powell Bailey
A cherry hue makes a big impression in this small bath.

Some rooms are just meant to make a design statement. A powder room ranks high in that category. Because it's not a large or high-traffic area, you can go a little wilder when it comes to using a bold color. See how Houston designer Cathy Chapman turned a simple spot into a stunning space.

Pick the Perfect Palette
The walls are dressed in gorgeous red wallpaper. The tone-on-tone damask print gives subtle pattern to the room. The vanity base also gets a splash of color; it was painted red and then coated with a chocolate glaze for an aged appearance.

Lasting Touches
The countertop is granite, and the floors are marble. Not only will these materials last a lifetime, but they also will stand up to trends. The black granite countertop features a honed finish, which gives the surface a matte appearance. The checkerboard floor complements the granite color and really pops against the intense wallpaper.

Make Every Detail Count
A pretty black-and-gold mirror and a grouping of Asian prints pull together the whole look. There's no need to over-accessorize in a small space. Choose a few classic pieces, and the room is set for years.


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