How To Make Your Own Window Valance

If you can wrap a gift, you can hack designer window treatments. Here's everything required to outfit one standard-size, 34- by 50-inch window.

See the Step-by-Step Video: DIY Window Valance


[MUSIC] Valances come in all shapes and sizes, so there's no rule for what's right. I went bold with a sizeable valance. First, measure the height of your wall floor to ceiling. Then, measure your window horizontally and vertically from the outer most edges of the sills. Finally, measure the distance from the top sill to the ceiling. I also hung my valance directly beneath the crown molding to have it only break 7 inches into my window. That way, I'm not blocking too much sunlight. You can buy a single sheet of plywood and cut out the pieces to the litter box. You'll need four pieces. One front, one top, and two sides. You can cut the pieces out yourself But it's easier to have the home improvement store cut it out for you. Lay out all four pieces on a flat surface. Connect the sides and front pieces using equally spaced out L-brackets. For the sides, you'll You'll need three brackets and for the top you'll need four. Before screwing the brackets into place mark the **** holes with a pen or pencil, then use a drill to create the pilot holes for the machine screws. **** the brackets into place on each side and tighten with a hexagon nut. Repeat this process on all of the sides. Next, unroll the batting over your work surface. Lay the box face-down on the batting. Then trim it based on the size of your valance. The cushier the batting, the better, because this will make it easier to pull your fabric taut. You'll need enough batting to easily cover your box. You don't want it to clump up too much after you fold it inside. Starting with the top and bottom, Staple the batting to the back of the box. Then, neatly fold the sides and corners in toward the back of the box, like your wrapping a gift. Secure that in place with staples. Once your batting is in place, unroll your fabric over your work surface. Staple the fabric around the box, just like the batting. Beginning with the top and bottom, then moving out to the sides. Be extra careful with the corners. If you use a pattern fabric cut the piece so the repeat looks appropriate on the valance. [MUSIC]
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