DIY Furniture Redo: Media Console

With a few simple tricks you can turn a flea market find into a stylish media console.


[MUSIC] Hey guys. So we're at one of my favorite thrift stores. It's called the blue building. I'm looking for a few things we can make over. Let's go inside and see what we can find. Hey guys how's it going. I'm Ashley. [MUSIC] This is a great old suitcase. Ooo vintage Sheikh. I think we found it. This piece has great bones. Its solid cedar. We can tell by these metal tip legs and these handles that its a mid century modern piece. Also just mark down $70 We just wanna put a few coats of paint on here, and some great new hardware. And we're gonna have a really sleek and contemporary media console. It's an incredible deal. I'm really excited about it. [MUSIC] We're gonna start this project, by removing all of the hardware. Make sure you hold onto it. It can be freshened up, with just a little bit of spray paint. So, next we're gonna sand our Whole dresser and a good place to start is about a 150 grit, that way you don't dig into your wood and make any mistakes. Look closely and make sure the whole surface is smooth. There shouldn't be any shining areas left. Use a spreader to work wood filler into any cracks and holes you may have from previous hardware. [MUSIC] It's even okay to have a little bit of excess. Later, you'll sand to smooth. Next, make sure there's no loose trim. If there is, a finish nail will secure it in place. Replacing a chipped corner is an easy fix. All you need is a little bit of plywood. Once we've sanded our replacement piece, we'll be ready for our first coat of paint. Before I get started, I'm going to wipe down my surface with a wet paper towel. I went with a high gloss paint. So, instead of using a roller, I'm going to use a brush. It'll give a smoother finish. I also chose a paint and primer in one. It'll cut out alit bit of time. Now that I have put on the first coat, I'm going to wait for the paint to completely dry before I put on the second. In the meantime, let's make some new copper pipe drawer pulls. Measure a 12 inch length on your pipe and mark. Then place your pipe cutter on that mark and tighten. Turn the pipe until you get a clean cut. Place the end caps on the end of the pipes and then hammer them on to secure. Make sure you use a wash cloth or a paper towel to protect the end caps. Measure both the length and width of your drawer front to find the center and mark. Use a drill bit appropriate for the **** size and drill one hole. Attach a bell hanger with the pipe holder perpendicular to the drawer. Loosen the pipe holder, slide the handle in place. Then tighten the screws to secure. Finally let's update the legs. With a small paint brush apply a thin layer of adhesive to the metal tips of the legs. Allow that to dry untill it's tacky. Then press the metal leaf and pull away the excess. Replace the drawers and it's done. [MUSIC] With just a few easy changes, I transformed an outdated chest of drawers into a sleek media console. For more thrift store makeovers, check out Southern Living.
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