December 2008 Sources

Where to find products and services featured in our magazine.

Gifted With Counterspace
Page 60: Architecture by Bruce Lanier, AIA, LEED, Standard Creative, Birmingham, or (205) 595-8181; contractor was Hunter Jackson, H.C. Jackson Company Contractors, (205) 251-9441; plumbing by V & W Supply Co., (205) 324-9521; tile by Kenny & Company, (205) 323-5616.

Around Your Home: Ideas You Can Use
Page 68: Monogramming by Laurie Gibson, Cherry Zebra, e-mail

In Good Cheer
Pages 106-117: Designer is Stephen Campbell,; lanterns are from Pottery Barn,; red birds are available from and crafts stores; button pins are from; laundry pins are from; garland and tree are from; Hunter Wellies are available from or; birch logs are from; basswood country rounds and planks are from; galvanized containers are from; gift wraps are Cardinal Bird Gift Wrap and Scottish Tartan Plaid Gift Wrap from

Party Starters
Pages 118-127: Designer is Sarah Jernigan, Sarah Jernigan Designs, Inc., (205) 250-9075 or e-mail; ribbons for the tree from Tatum Ribbon Designs, Inc., (D); wrapping paper and ribbons from Midori,; Santas from Lynn Haney Collection, available through; stamps and stamp pads from Three Designing Women,; glass serving pieces from AnnieGlass,

Grand & Gracious
Pages 128-139: Designer is Carole Sullivan, Lagniappe Designs, Inc., Birmingham, (205) 870-5061.

Merry Morning
Pages 140-149: Designer is Christopher Carter, Christopher Glenn Inc., Birmingham, or (205) 870-1236; burlap bags from Alabama Bag and Burlap Company, Inc., Birmingham, (205) 595-6116; succulents and other plants are from Sweet Peas Garden Center, Homewood, Alabama, or (205) 879-3839; ribbon is by Midori,; ivy wreaths and topiaries are from Schubert Nursery, Inc., Salinas, California, or 1-800-410-7111; boxwood garland and magnolia wreaths are from The Magnolia Company, Barberville, Florida, or 1-877-327-9010; fresh flowers are from Cut Flower Wholesale, Atlanta, 320-1619, and Davis Wholesale Florist, Birmingham, (205) 595-2179; floral supplies are from Davis Wholesale Florist, mini grapevine wreaths were purchased from Hobby Lobby,; terra-cotta planters and copper watering cans are from Christopher Glenn Inc.; hanging lanterns were purchased from Pottery Barn,

Start With Sparkle
Pages 150-159: Designer is Jon Martinez, Bloom, Homewood, AL, or (205) 879-7673.

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