Cottage Kitchen Countertops

This homeowner shares the benefits of solid-surface and butcher-block countertops.


We have two kinds, of counter tops in this kitchen, which, is a little unusual. We have, a solid surface, counter top, throughout most of the kitchen, but on either side of the stove ,we wanted to add this butcher block. It's very, very inexpensive and it's so easy to just, chop ,things up. Just go straight from the countertop, to the stove. There ,are so many countertop, options out there. There's natural stone, there's cement, concrete; but ,we chose a solid surface ,because, it's antibacterial. You, can just wipe it off, with a sponge, soap, and water and it's so easy to keep clean. Something, really smart, that we did, is to under-mount our sink. It's so much easier ,to keep the counter tops clean. You just brush everything off into the sink. We didn't, wanna put a traditional table and chair ,set, here. But ,we found this restaurant prep table. It's stainless steel, on the base and it has a butcher block counter top ,which provides extra prep space for us, if we're making a large meal. And we can also, put our cooks, books and baskets underneath for storage.
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