Comfortable Outdoor Porch

Draw warmth and inspiration from this backyard haven.
Robert Martin
Comfortable Outdoor Porch
Jean Allsopp / Styling:  Buffy Hargett

Billie selected salvaged brick that possesses an aged look, along with rough-hewn cypress ceiling beams and planking. She then called for full masonry walls with arched openings to define the veranda. For additional texture, old brick flooring continues beyond the room's boundaries to form a terrace overlooking the backyard. An adjacent porch connects this area with other parts of the house.

The Lemoines aren't the only ones who hover around the hearth. Guests also gravitate to this spot. And who wouldn't? With fall approaching, what better way to prepare for cooler weather than to set aside a place for enjoying it?

To read about another comfortable porch, see "Outdoor Paradise," on page 106 of the September 2003 issue of Southern Living.