Colorful Cottage Kitchen

This homeowner shares the design ideas, tips and tricks that she learned in her kitchen renovation.


Hi there, my name is Amy. And, this is my kitchen. When, we first moved into this house, this was all very dark, very disgusting, practically unusable space. And we've brightened it up with paint and a lot of other fun stuff we're going to show you. And ,now it's one of our favorite places in the house. For hardware, we chose these very classic very cottagey bin pulls. One way, that we saved money in this kitchen renovation was to keep the existing upper cabinets. We kept the actual cabinets, and replaced the doors and the hardware. Now, they look so clean and simple, where before they just looked outdated and they were really dark. We wanted a big, fancy vent hood, but we didn't want to pay the fancy vent hood price. So, she had a great idea. We got an exhaust fan from the home improvement store. Very, very inexpensive. And asked our carpenter to build this simple wooden structure around it. It really draws attention to it. It makes it look more high dollar than it is.

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