How To Style Your Coffee Table: 3 Ways

Follow this scheme for a company-ready look that's a cinch to pull together in a variety of styles.


Don't let your coffee table become the catch all for keys, mail and junk. Style it to match your personality with these three no fail formulas. For a classic look, start with a tray to establish order. Then stack up large hard cover books that reflect your interests. Top this stack with a decorative object to give it a polished finish. At interest by bearing the heights of taller items such as a vase or candlesticks. But make sure they're don't reach any taller than the height of the sofa. Laren and a few knickknacks to make your style. And finish with fresh cut flowers. [MUSIC] If you want something more adventurous, try the collected look. Use a rope-bound tray. Be bolder and more exotic with your accessories. They should give the feel that they were gathered over time. For greenery, try small, easy-to-care-for potted plants like these succulents. Some things will always be in style, and this traditional pairing is no exception. Try stacking books in a metallic tray. Here a pretty jarred candle and an elegant base are a must. Top the whole thing off with a dramatic eye catching orchid. Follow these formulas and you'll give new personality to your entire living room.
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