Choosing a Kitchen Sink

Editor Lindsay Bierman shares how he picked the best sink for his kitchen.


When I chose the sink, I really wanted something that was the size of a bathtub, but I was only limited to the width of these lower cabinets. So I chose the biggest one that I could find. That would allow me to wash dishes and dry them on the left side. I installed a filtered water dispenser, so I didn't have to wrestle with one of those plastic filters everyday in the refrigerator. And then, I chose the goose neck, because it has a very powerful spray, but also a very gentle trickle to it. And it's just an easy thing to do when you pull this down, I can fill up pasta pot on the countertop rinse down the whole sink. And it makes it just so much easier to clean up. What I also like is to have a integrated soap dispenser installed right into the countertop. One thing you'll notice is that, all of these fixtures are installed directly into the surface of the countertop with an undermount sink. It makes it much easier to clean around it. My last sink was a white porcelain sink that was installed on top of the counters. And all of the caulk behind it just got moldy and nasty over the years, and it just gets to the point where you can't clean it anymore. And this just has made my life much easier.
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