Choosing Kitchen Colors

This homeowner shares how she picked and painted her new kitchen color scheme.


When we first moved into this house, this was all very dark. We've brightened it up with paint, and now it's one of our favorite places in the house. We really wanted to use a bright, bold color in our kitchen to make it cheerful. And we chose red. Heather Chadduck taught us a great lesson to use red sparingly since it is such a bold color. We used it on our lower cabinets and the window trim only. And just a tip, it takes at least five coats to get it looking this good. We wanted a big fancy vent hood, but we didn't wanna pay the fancy vent hood price. We got an exhaust fan from the home improvement store, very, very inexpensive, and asked our carpenter to build this simple wooden structure around it. We painted it the same color as the ceiling, it's a pale blue. And it just adds a slight difference to our color palette.
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