[BLANK_AUDIO]. [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Jennifer Cuff, home editor at Southern Living. While the kitchen may be considered the heart of the home, the family room is where most of the action happens When it comes to this important space, comfort is key. As you choose and arrange furniture for your family room, you want to ensure plenty of seating so that everyone has a spot to lounge and watch a movie or just hang out. Probably the most important piece of furniture in the family room is a comfy sofa. A fully upholstered sofa is always a good choice. [MUSIC] If you have room, consider a pair of sofas or even a sectional. Feel free to be casual in your mixing of seating. Pair your sofa or sofas with additional upholstered chairs as needed. The chairs don't need to match, but their size and style should be similar. [MUSIC] Since this is a room where your family will be spending lots of time, it's important to give your fabrics extra consideration. Don't be afraid to choose upholstery fabrics that are pretty and even light in color. To increase durability, find a company that will treat your fabrics for stain-resistance. You can also use an easy care, washable slip cover. Leather is another excellent choice that has great style and looks even better with age. The television is often a big part of the family room, so your furniture should be arranged accordingly. While every seat doesn't need to face the TV, it does make the most sense to arrange the furniture in an open U shape, with the TV wall being the fourth side. In most family rooms the coffee table is a workhorse. Choose a large table that can accommodate games, craft projects, homework, and even a casual meal. It's also best to choose a material that can stand up to some wear and tear, such as weathered wood. While the family room is often filled with lots of people, it can also be a cozy place to relax alone. If possible find a spot to arrange a couple of chairs paired with an ottoman or foot stool. Many family rooms are now part of a larger great room that incorporates the kitchen and dining area. This arrangement by nature makes the space more relaxed and casual. But, even though the spaces are open to each other, you can treat the seating area as a separate family room, just be sure to coordinate the color palette and general style of the furnishings to compliment the other spaces in the other area. For more ideas on family rooms, pick up a copy of Southern Living and visit
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