New Bunny Williams Rugs for Dash & Albert

Photo: Hector Sanchez
A new collaboration between iconic designer Bunny Williams and a well-known rug company brings style to the floor. 

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

Company: Bunny Williams Home;

Designer of: Elegant furnishings, dapper patterned rugs, and softly exotic textiles

Her Story
If there were a Mount Rushmore for tastemakers, Virginia native Bunny Williams' visage would be chiseled into its granite heights. One of America's most illustrious decorators, she has created timeless, classic, and comfortable houses for more than four decades. Lately, product design has become a passion. Five years ago, she released her own collection of stylish furnishings called Bunny Williams Home, starting with furniture pieces that she as a designer felt were the hardest to find. Now, she's paired with the well-known rug company Dash & Albert to introduce a brand-new collection of indoor/outdoor woven rugs that have her chic patterns and color combinations along with their proven quality, durability, and washability—you can actually hose them off! "Their synthetics are amazing," says Bunny. "I've been using these rugs in children's rooms and even in my own house because of my dogs." To shop the collection, visit

Free Advice
Before you go out on your own, learn from others for as long as you can. You'll be a better designer for it."

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