Style Guide: Bedroom Seating Areas

Create a place to read and relax in your bedroom with our editor’s tips.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Kopf, home editor at Southern Living. Your bedroom is your retreat, so it can be much more, than just a place for sleeping. Whatever your space, make the most of it. Other than your bed, having another spot to rest and relax, or just read and hang out, is the ultimate luxury. Extra space within a bedroom, should be put to good use. Whether at the end of the bed, or in a bay window. Adding additional seating, makes the room feel bigger and ultra comfy. An upholster bench, at the end of the bed, works double duty as a place to keep blankets and reading material. And, a spot to sit and put on shoes. Pair classic upholstered chairs, with a round table, for a traditional sophisticated look. The addition of beautiful curtains rounds out the space. Extra deep and tall chairs are perfect, flanking a fireplace. When space permits, include larger pieces with your chairs, such as a console, mirror, and sconces. This is a great way to insert charm, and character. Chaise loungers are perfect in bedroom corners. Include a light source, and a soft throw, so you can curl up, and enjoy a good book in the comforts of your own bedroom. Make a corner artful with an arrangement of a simple chair Stacked luggage for a table, a floor lamp, and beautiful artwork. Another great way to gain comfort and extra seating is with built-ins. The addition of a built-in bench, a cushion, and a few pillows turns a bay window or window eave into an inviting and cozy reading spot. If you don't have a ready-made area, you can have a long bench built in, along a wall. Consult a woodworker to make the most of your niche or nook. And don't forget to take advantage of the additional space for storage, your built-in may provide. Desks also work well in bedrooms, especially when used as vanities. Place a desk by the window, to take advantage of a great view. Or, pair with a mirror and display a collection, above and around, for added interest. To make the most of your bedroom retreat, pick up a copy of Southern Living Magazine and visit
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