Style Guide: Bedroom Color and Pattern

Get the look you love with the right color and pattern combinations.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Hi, I'm Jennifer Kopf, Home Editor at Southern Living. Bedrooms are the most personal room in your entire home. Whether you prefer tons of bold color, walls full of pattern, or a white washed haven, you should go with the look that you love. [MUSIC] Use colors that make you feel relaxed and happy, and don't be afraid to express your personal style with pattern. Bedrooms are an ideal place for neutral paint colors because they evoke a sense of calm and rest. Subtle, soft variations of cream and taupe make a bedroom the ultimate peaceful retreat. [MUSIC] Using various shades of neutrals keeps a room from feeling boring. Play up warm tones by adding golden accents. [MUSIC] For cooler tones, add silver. [MUSIC] Soft blues are one of the best choices for a restful and chic bedroom retreat. Depending on the shade you choose, you can take your room from classic traditional to casual modern. [MUSIC] Cool shades of blue combine for a clean, serene feel, and work well paired with wood tones and silver. [MUSIC] From light tan to dark chocolate, brown is a color that pairs extremely well with blue. [MUSIC] And, for the most classic of all color combinations, both white and cream work in unison or separately with any and all shades of blue. [MUSIC] White can be the most flexible neutral, and looks great whether you envelope your room completely in it, or just accentuate certain elements. Pattern works beautifully in bedrooms and is the perfect way to add layers of color and texture. Whether you bathe the walls with it or add soft touches here and there, it creates drama and style every time. One way to add pattern, is through a painted wall treatment. Horizontal stripes in varying shades are simply added for bold and playful results. You can also add a wall stencil. It's a great do-it-yourself project and budget-friendly. Apply the stencil pattern to one wall in a bold colour for ultimate drama. Even a single motif can make a statement. Wallpaper is a beautiful way to transform a room and instantly gives your bedroom a finished feel. Subtle patterns in soft neutrals and graphic patterns in bold colours work equally well. It's up to you to decide the look you desire. Another effective way to add color and pattern is through accessories. Layer a pattern of bed linens, rugs, curtains. And even an upholstered headboard for pops of color in an otherwise neutral room. To make sure all of the elements complement one another, use the same tone or repeat colors throughout. [MUSIC] For more tips to create your dream bedroom, pick up a copy of Southern Living Magazine and visit
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