Give New Life to Furniture Finds

Editor Lindsay Bierman shares his secrets for finding pieces with great lines and scale at flea markets and antiques stores.


Hi, I'm Lindsey Bareman, Editor and Chief at Southern Living and I'm at Trisha's Treasures in Homewood, Alabama, just a few minutes from our offices. This has been a secret source for me and our staff for many years. I'm gonna take you inside and show you what I look for and what you should be looking for when you want to repaint, refinish, or recover anything. [MUSIC] These would make great lamps, and it's so easy to do. Any good lamp shop can just drill a hole through the bottom, and in this case, I would turn them into buffet lamps with a tall brass rod chandelier shade that's wider at the base than the base of the candlestick itself. At $49 for the pair, it's a great deal. This is probably the world's ugliest upholstery, but, it's actually in great condition. The caning is beautiful. There are no breaks in it. And really the only thing wrong with it and the only thing holding it back is that most people can't see past the color and the fabric. Once you get past that and you imagine just, it's not a whole lot of fabric, so that's not gonna be a whole lot of cost for you. And it's not a whole lot to paint either, this is a simple spray job. But I think with the right fabric probably something really neutral, you could even do contrast buttons in there. And suddenly you're gonna have a chair that has a lot of character and a lot of style, and actually adds, like a really quirky, stylish element to any room. I know you think I'm crazy right now, but I'm totally serious. This is a steal. This just, has probably been sitting here because it's got this, not so great fabric on it. But I've seen these in catalogs, for as much as 800 bucks. This is a very traditional chair and looks great and any number of colors with any number of cushion options on it. It's the perfect desk chair. So I'd be on the hunt for these things. They don't always have arms. I particularly love this one because it does have arms. These trolleys are really versatile pieces. I would use this either as a bar cart in the dining room, or in a guest room to store extra towels and blankets, or as a side table in the living room, or as a storage cart in the bathroom. I'm a sucker for mercury glass vases and once again, I'm gonna tell you, these make the best lamps. It is a simple job, believe it or not, to drill through the bottom of this. But you don't even have to drill cause there's a technique where the wire is just exposed, and it becomes a part of the design so, you wanna get a clear chord on this one and let it be exposed. I would do a parchment drum shade on this. I think the color of the parchment in warm color, it would really compliment the slightly golden highlights of the top. I would also go ahead, if you can find one, pick up the Mini-Me version of it as well, and use it as a vase, cuz look how good these look together. If you're ever in Birmingham, be sure to stop by Trisha's Treasures and say hello to Trisha herself, and for hundreds of more decorating and makeover ideas, pick up a copy of Southern Living magazine and visit
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