Meet the New Tastemakers: Amie Corley

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn
Amy is known for fun and fresh style that feels young but timeless.

Q. How does fashion influence your interiors?
A. I think that opposites make great couples, so I love pairing items like cargo pants with ruffled blouses. Contrast keeps things interesting, and I try to bring that mix to every room I design.

Q. Favorite place to shop?
A. Ivy Hill, a boutique in St. Louis, for fun accessories and wardrobe staples. is my source for hard-to-find designers.

Q. What are you buying this summer 
A. Pastels. I adore the mint green, peach, and other soft colors hitting the runway. They look great with lots of gold jewelry—and a tan!

Q. The must-have for every Southern lady?
A. Monogrammed linens. Leontine Linens has the best, hands down.

See more of Amie's work:



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