Best Kitchen

Photo: Christopher Shane
Built around a centuries-old oak tree, this Sullivan's Island, South Carolina, kitchen offers a smart and sleek design created by architect Heather Wilson and designer Luann McCants.

Heather's Best Ideas

1 | Peaceful Place: "The family had previously tried an open floor plan, but with three little boys, chaos ruled. We tucked this kitchen around a corner to keep it serene."

2 | Smart Storage: "The mudroom has lockers for everyone, and the pantry holds small appliances, so counters stay uncluttered. Pocket doors screen both rooms."

3 | Disappearing Act: "Cladding the refrigerator and freezer with shiplap keeps them from over-powering the room. The navy cabinets hide scuff marks and fingerprints."

4 | Bright Light: "Ample windows capture views. An opening between the fridge and freezer lets in light and views of a majestic oak. Glossy paint on the low ceiling reflects more light."

5 | New Focus: "We omitted the usual pendant light, which would have blocked the view of the Calacatta gold marble backsplash, the room's focal point."

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