Decorating with Antiques

Interior designer Phoebe Howard shares her thoughts on how to incorporate antiques into décor with Antiques Roadshow appraiser Stuart Whitehurst.


-Hi, I'm Phoebe Howard. I write a column, Dear Mrs. Howard for Southern Living magazine. -And I'm Stuart Whitehurst, and I'm an appraiser that travels with the Antiques Roadshow. -As a designer, I love to incorporate antiques into my projects. I like a little bit of old and a little bit of new. I think it's when you get that perfect mix that everything really comes to life. -I spent so much of my time looking at antiques, and wondering how great designers like yourself really incorporate them and what your thoughts are as far as why they work in certain areas. -Well Southerners are passionate about antiques. You know, we love history and we love anything that comes from our family, even it its passed from generation to generation and I think when they are sort of separated out from each other and placed in and around new objects, that they become more important and that they have more relevance, and that they actually shine. And the thrill of the hunt for me is to find that great object, and then I wait and wait and wait until I have the perfect home that has like a second life, and where it was meant to be. -At Roadshow, we depend on a lot of people who are coming to us with their own stories of history. We see wonderful things walk through the door, and it is that great sense of history, I think that combines with the value of the antiques. That's why we have been around for 18 plus years because it is history, and America loves a great story. This year we've got a major major Southern focus, and we're going to be in Jacksonville, going to be in Knoxville, Kansas City, Baton Rouge, and Richmond. Antiques roadshow, we're taking the South by storm. -Good. Can't wait. -Excellent.
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