Now You Can Spend a Night In This Breathtaking (Historical) Frank Lloyd Wright Home

You can book a stay at The Cooke House in Virginia Beach, Va., via Airbnb.
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If you’re a fan of architecture, particularly famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, you’ll want to put this Airbnb on your travel wishlist. You can stay inside the staff suite in The Cooke House in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for $148 a night.

Built in 1959, the hemicycle-shaped house is situated on Crystal Lake and has two docks for launching small boats and accommodating two large yachts. The current owners, Daniel and Jane Duhl, bought the home from the Cooke family in 1983 and restored it, adding air conditioning, among other modern amenities. Daniel and Jane Duhl, who are 90 and 80 years old, respectively, told The New York Times that they tried to sell the home unsuccessfully a few years ago, but realized they needed to give it another renovation, so they hoped to raise some funds by listing it on Airbnb.

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Lucky guests will stay in the private staff suite, which includes a trundle bed for two, a private bathroom, and a closet (with a refrigerator inside). Breakfast and access to beach chairs, towels, and bikes are included in the rate. But there’s another added bonus to a stay: the owners will give guests a personal tour of the house and grounds.

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Take a look at photos of the home below, and see more at the listing on

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