Episode 3: The Coffey Family Home Makeover

We partnered with Operation FINALLY HOME and JCPenney to give the Coffey family the surprise of a lifetime. Step inside their newly decorated Henley home designed by Edwina Vidosh of Edwina Alexis, Inc.


[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Were out here today at the coffee house with operation finally home. Southern Living and JCPenney. Doing a room makeover in the kitchen, family room, breakfast area. And surprising the Coffees. We surprised them back in January with a home. Thrilled to death to do this for them. So we have 24 hours to turn this around. We have 25 employees from our stores, here to help support. This morning we arrived and we cleaned the home. We cleared out all the furniture that was existing so that we could start with a With a clean pallet and then we will bring in the new furniture. Usually this would take at least 2 to 3 days but we have lots of volunteers. It should be done as some decent hour. [LAUGHS] I feel I gotta get the rug set and the we'll do the sofas. There's a new entertainment center, there's a new banquette, new furnishings. What you see going on behind me is that Southern Shutters and Blinds are installing the custom shutters that they built. The shutters lend to the coastal feel and just the nice, comfortable, breezy, sitting on your porch kind of a looking out and enjoying the weather. [MUSIC] This is right before the nervous break. Yea. [LAUGH] We're crunch time right now. Everything's little stressful that it will be perfect tomorrow. We get it all pull together. That's our job, that's what we do. It's going to be late night, like one or two in the morning. That's okay we don't need much beauty sleep. Bright eyed and Bushy tailed. [MUSIC] Well we're out here on Saturday morning waiting on the Coffees. They've been in a hotel the last couple of days while we've been over here with Southern Living and JC Penny and done a complete remake on the family room and the kitchen area of the home. The Coffee's are leaving their hotel right now so we're getting butterflies in our stomach, getting excited for the big reveal. They'll be driving over here, we can't wait to see all the expressions, and the joy and the reactions of all the hard work that's been put into this. [APPLAUSE] Alright, hey Well guests, we welcome you all here. We want to get you inside and show you all the thing has been done. Welcome home. Here it is. [MUSIC] Oh wow. Oh! Hey. Oh, wow. [MUSIC] Welcome home, guys. Welcome home, absolutely. Oh. Oh. This is for y'all to make many, many happy memories. [MUSIC] Oh, you guys. Oh, wow. [MUSIC] We kept your sofa saved, your favorite. We gave you a little recliner. Oh yeah. That's perfect. Oh and there's lots of surprises in the kitchen cabinets from [UNKNOWN], they donated a lot of plates and dishes, a Keurig and a mixer. Do you know how to use a mixer? [LAUGH] When we walked in it was a complete shock to see the entire main living space transformed. [MUSIC] Dude, this is so cool. Way different from what it was before. Way better. This feels so much better. A lot brighter. A lot more calming. To this day, we'll be driving to the driveway, his face lights up. This house is definitely a game changer. He's working to be a better person himself. To take care of himself and so that's making all of us hopeful that we can get back to where we were and be a family again. Thank you guys. Just thank you doesn't really Well worth it. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you all. To be able to bring joy back to them and to bring comfort back to Ray and Nell's life and their family's life is There's just no words, it's an amazing experience. All of us that think, appreciate what you've done to the house. And just want to say thank you. I love you. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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