Episode 12: A Makeover for the Young Family Home

See the Young family's new home and watch as it's transformed by designer Maria Barcelona, JCPenney, Operation FINALLY HOME, and Southern Living.


[MUSIC] Thank you all so, so much for being here. This is Maria. She is our designer. Today we are here for Operation Home. And we've got a million JCPenney's volunteers helping us unload the trucks. And put furniture together and put the furniture in place and undo the kitchen and organize the pantry. And so we'll have the house completely finished and furnished by the time the Young's get here tomorrow. [MUSIC] Now we had never done something like this. Obviously Nathan has gone off To fight for our freedom, and to come back, and for him and his family really to see them walk into the house it's gonna be unbelievable. Doing a job like this in this amount of time is crazy, but it's very rewarding. So we're gonna work all night [LAUGH] until we get it finished for tomorrow. It is beautiful I hope that The husband and wife have much years of rest in their new home. [MUSIC] Dedication day is obviously the culmination of everything that That we've done for Nathan thus far. It's an end to the project in some ways. But it's really a start for he and his family. [APPLAUSE] I'm really blessed. I don't know what to say right now. We met Nathan and knew that he was It was just a stepping stone away from needing a little bit more help. This home is gonna do that. The first thing that he talked about, is Emma gonna be taken care of if something happens to me? And that speaks to his character. I'm just extremely blessed. I don't know what else I can really say. Thank you. I felt for a long time I hadn't deserved it. [APPLAUSE] Sorry. I wanna make the best of it. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] Welcome to your new home. Awesome. Wow. [MUSIC] And look at the couch, Mom. I see it. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] I just didn't know what was coming, what to expect. It's like opening up a really big present. [LAUGH] [SOUND] My god! All right, so this is Annie's room. I love it. Right color. Some happy cheerful bedding. Teenage colors. That's awesome. That was amazing. It was so exciting just to hear the oohs and ahs. And having them experience what we've been working on for so long. And just walking through, and every room was just something more exciting. So it was great. [MUSIC] I feel there's a new chapter in our lives, a new start. And maybe, a new book, cuz my book has not been the best until I met Deb [UNKNOWN]. It's been a pretty rough. She's been there for me. [INAUDIBLE] has been there and Emmy's been there and I just don't know what to say. Without these two right here, I probably wouldn't have been here today probably. [MUSIC] I just want to say thank you to Operation Finding a Home, Tyson Construction, all the volunteers that have put everything into this. All the builders, suppliers, the construction workers, down to the guy who's slinging the paint in here. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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