Episode 11: A Big Surprise for the Young Family

Watch as the Young family receive a once-in-a-lifetime gift from Operation FINALLY HOME.


[MUSIC] Hey. Hello. Hey pretty. I love you. Hey pretty girl. I love you. It's been a blessing for me to actually have her small cuz she can access me easy. If i get anxiety or whatever in the car, right in my lap. [MUSIC] Starts licking me, lay her head up against my chest, monitor my heart rate. Basically getting my attention away from what I was upset about or anything, and drawing my attention to her. She'll nudge my hand, make me pet her. She knows when he's gonna have an episode, [INAUDIBLE] knows he's gonna have an episode. She thinks she's a big dog, she'll hold him down, and just start licking him, licking him, licking him, trying to bring him, keep him from going into one One. He cannot go any minute without Margaret. Margaret's his buddy. If you go to the grocery store, Nathan has a problem with crowds or getting startled easily with his PTSD, so he'll tell her to cover. And she'll actually put up a little barrier. He was getting me Maggie for Valentine's Day as a present. We went up to South Carolina, and Maggie laid in his lap immediately and just laid there for three hours and wouldn't move. [MUSIC] Out of everything, Maggie's been the best thing that's ever worked for him is having a service dog. Wait, stop, I'll release you. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] If it weren't for the dog, I [UNKNOWN] [MUSIC] Go anywhere. Today it was an event that operation finally home does for all of their homes that they build, for the wounded veterans, and it's called the notes of love. Today we're here to sign notes of love. The family's gonna be coming to do a walkthrough tomorrow and we're really excited for them to see the house. It's really gonna be more of a surprise for them. This is the first chance for them to actually see the house as it's built in this current stage. Myself along with community leaders and a couple of the Saints players and friends and family are just coming by to just let the know how thankful we are for everything that Nathan and all of his His peers have done for us. Thank you for all you've done for our country and our freedom. God bless this couple always. [MUSIC] It's you! Hey, how you doing? Fine. [CROSSTALK] I love it. This is your entry way. Over here is [INAUDIBLE]. I like it. It's really cool. These people have put their prayers into our walls. And their love into the building. Their love and prayers into the walls. You got all these people sending all this positive energy and praying for you, and that's the foundation of it will be awesome going down there, even with the walls covered over it and knowing what is actually behind that sheet rock and all the love that went in to them providing all that for them.>>All these notes. Remodel this place a hundred years or something And rip the drywall out. They'll still be there. They'll be like, what's all this. That's what's so nice about it. Yeah, that's what I think is cool. My friend brought her little chihuahua so she wanted to sign for Maggie. [LAUGH] Is that the name of the chihuahua? Yeah, Foxy Brown. [LAUGH] Tried to accommodate him and make this house as comfortable for him and his family that we could see possible. And really the main thing in this house that he's going to have It's called a dark room, so it's really gonna be a room for him to go in and calm down if he's ever having an anxiety attack. If y'all come in and you wanna come in here, sit down, and close the door, you can turn that baby on and it'll cool down to whatever temperature you want it. Cool. Lance plays [UNKNOWN] and he wanted a room to go to when he has migraines cuz Nathan has migraines. A lot. I'm glad he has a little [UNKNOWN] room so then he has a place to stay. This is your kitchen. This is an island for the bar that's overlooking the den. I saw the size of that kitchen with the big island. Yeah, we can all sit there [CROSSTALK] Cooking is a big thing for him, it helps him relax. I love to cook. At home, that's when I'm looking forward to getting a nice kitchen because our kitchen is really not that big and I don't have much room to work with. I really think the move is gonna be neat. I think it's gonna be a welcoming Change. I think we'll be able to make friends easy. I like the people down there. They're a different breed of people. The biggest thing is it's gonna be bigger for us. We have no room. This room, I don't know how you can live more than three people in this, and we're actually thinking about having another child so [MUSIC]
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