Episode 10: About Veteran Nathan Young

Get to know Sgt. Nathan Young and hear his story.


[MUSIC] I was gonna do both. I was gonna be in the Army and I was gonna be a cop. That's what I wanted to do. And so, I succeeded in both of those. He was military police and he was a police officer. So both of those were a big deal to him cuz that's what he always Wanted to do was help people. [BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] When I got home and she was, she was already couldn't even talk. So that was on a Saturday, and I put, I ordered the Do Not Resuscitate on On Sunday. I called my unit and asked for two more days. And they told me if you take them, Rice is going to take you off orders so you can stay home. And I actually I didn't want to do that. I said I want to go. I've trained these guys for over a year. so Saturday I got back on a plane. Put on the ground on Friday and Saturday on a plane. My driver actually for some reason saw it, but they were pretty close to the vehicle and he said he saw two of them just come up and [NOISE]. RKG-3, it's a Russian anti-tank grenade. It's got a copper core that penetrates armor. It went through the door, missed my leg, went underneath the seat, then went through the floor. And the second one, it hit the window, and it actually blew the 800 pound armored window off of the Humvee. [SOUND] I remember waking up halfway in his lap, and he thought I was dead. I actually remember I kept having a lot of really bad dreams before I left and I said, Mom, I'm worried about this deployment and she looked at me and she said, something's gonna happen to you where you're not gonna die. It's like she already knew. It was weird. [MUSIC] Three torn disks in his back. When he walks, he's just in excruciating pain. He has partial feeling in his left leg from here down. Short-term memory sucks. I get confused easy. He has the concussion from the blast and the migraines. As result of that. All the time just sick, just to the point of vomiting sick. Has depression, anxiety. I get so over stimulated, if something comes up that I don't have planned I feel like I can blow a gasket sometimes. And I used to not be like that. I guess it's from PTSD or a head injury. You know a lot of the symptoms. They've studied for both. The biggest is anger. Some days I'm fine, the next days I feel like I could rip somebody's head off. And then some days I wish I could go to bed and not even wake up. This is what I call my little Man cave I guess. my little hang out, our house is pretty small, one car garage. When he has a episode he just blacks out and he doesn't know what he's saying or doing. Just happens suddenly, and usually my mom will help him take his meds and calm down, and then he'll come back. [MUSIC] I'm hoping to change. I'm hoping that this takes time. I mean, it's been years but I don't know why I get so agitated so easy. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] We out process from the Army in February and then in March two weeks later we're going to Mobile and resigning from the police force so it was like a double-whammy. I don't even understand it I went from a functioning 28-year old, prominent, good, nice career, and now I know I couldn't go back to being a cop. It was really rough on him because then he realized he wasn't going to be able to work again, and he just kind of felt useless, like, what's my point here? They were tired My badge number I believe is what they said, they were tired of that number and they gave me the badge. In fact, I thought it was cute, they put a little note on there. The lieutenant gave it to me, it says "Nathan, don't be stupid with the badge. I hope it's a keepsake, don't make me regret this. Good luck, Lieutenant [UNKNOWN] ." One minute you're getting this income and the next minute you're incomes gone and you're waiting for your VA disability to kick in, so That was a big adjustment. [MUSIC] I fell in love with him when I met him, so. By the third date we were always together. We never left each other. [LAUGH] Our fourth date He pretty much, he started crying and he told me was crazy, and he hoped I would still love him. [LAUGH] But he has severe depression and anxiety, that he has a traumatic brain injury. And I told him I still loved him anyway. She does everything for me. Amazing wife and she shouldn't have to do. She puts up with [INAUDIBLE] She's actually helped my treatment because she basically just says you need to get up off your **** and go to lunch. You need to get up, go out somewhere, do something. Go work your dog. [MUSIC] Emily's my stepdaughter. Right, love her to death. I never knew that a child can actually care for her step parent the way she does. She really loves me. We always hang out together and he's been really great. Well, Amy has gotten to do a lot of firsts with you and that's awesome. Yeah, she got to be kayaking. Yeah. It's her first, camping. She loves doing things with Nathan [LAUGH] he's a perfect step daddy for my grand daughter, and like I said he's teaching her to do lots of things that she's never got to do before. Nathan and Emy are two pees in a pod, they're, Emy has anxiety, Nathan has anxiety, they get each other. They keep together. [LAUGH] We get along real well. [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGH] Three of us in a household, we get it all the time. [MUSIC] And it's an awfully small house. Too for us. [MUSIC] They took us down to the Saints training facility and they had been practicing. [UNKNOWN] finally home and called us and said they're doing interviewed. And we though they were just Asking Nathan about what happened overseas to him. We said, we're going down there for Christmas anyways, when all of a sudden Dre Evans comes in. I'm happy to announce that we're gonna be moving you home for Christmas and we're gonna build a home, so you guys have been accepted. Here's And then they said, congratulations We got a house in New Orleans and I was just shocked. And I was just so happy. We were really surprised, we had no idea what was going on. I don't even know what to say. I'm just almost going into shock. I thought it was awesome, I was ecstatic. We took pictures, and Nathan was just so excited cuz Nathan's a big Saints fan. I'm pretty much excited that There's still people out there who are really nice to people like Nathan, and what he's done for our country. [MUSIC]
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