Episode 15: Making the Hutcheson House a Home

Designer Julie Holloway and JCPenney volunteers put the final touches on the Hutcheson family's new home just in time for the dedication.


[MUSIC] Good morning. Julie is going to be in charge of kind of telling everyone where to put everything. The Hutchinson family will be staying at their new home tomorrow night. Little bit there. Okay. Today we're decorating the entry, the family room. The dining room, and the master bedroom. We have until about eight PM to get it done. It's gonna be a crunch. I mean, we might be here pouring coffee late into the night, we'll see. [MUSIC] I think it's important that when these veterans come back into their house, that we do something to give some comfort back to them. They lay a blanket of freedom for us, Feels really good to be able to lay a blanket for them. We are working in the master bedroom right now, hanging the drapery panels. So far it's been amazing and one of the fastest installation days I've ever had because of the 30 JC Penney volunteers helping out. Some of them have been in the military and they did military corners on the sheets. Sheets. [BLANK_AUDIO] I really considered the Hutchison style, which is country and cottage. We wanted to bring in as much wood as possible. I'm most excited about a photo wall we were doing. We have take the Hutchinson's family photos, and we're gonna put them in coordinating frames. I want it to look just like their dream home when they come tomorrow. I hope that they love it. I think they will. [MUSIC] The dedication ceremony is truly an An opportunity for the community to come and welcome the family and it's a way for us to honor the family and honor veterans in the community. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Welcome home. Lots of folks came out from the neighborhood, local community. There's no words. To see everybody that came, our family and friends that came from up north. But We had no idea we were even coming. It's very humbling to know that so many people put so much into this for us and we don't even know us. All our suppliers and sub-contractors just jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this To say thank you to Matthew and Matthew's earned. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] This is not being given. You've earned it. So thank you. When y'all say that you're paying me, but I feel humble and indebted to you with what you're giving my family. Thank [INAUDIBLE]. [APPLAUSE] The girls are so excited. I don't think we could have cut that ribbon fast enough. [APPLAUSE] [APPLAUSE] Welcome home, Hutchinson family. My god. It's beautiful, it's just. Walk into the house for the very first time today it was jaw dropping. You guys. I could see our pictures on the wall, just put that personal touch. It kind of made me realize that It's not a model home, but it's mine. Is this gonna be daddy's room? Yeah, do you love it? Yes! [MUSIC] It was really exciting to see their expression as they turned each corner and saw different parts of the room, and just tried to take it all in. Here's your master bedroom. My god. That's It's awesome. Look at my flowers, [UNKNOWN] made it. Those are the very first flowers I got her in Alaska nine years ago. Our master bedroom is the perfect setting. Holy cow. There's a free-standing tub here. That's mine. You can have the shower. My God, it's got doors Holy cow. And the house looks amazing. The hot water heaters right underneath us so you won't wait long for hot water. It is like my dream shower [UNKNOWN] times of isolation and soothing in my life is a good hot shower. [MUSIC] It's amazing. It's hard to grasp that it's ours. [MUSIC] Everybody leaves tonight and we close the doors. It's ours. It's very aweing. Tonight, it's gonna be good. Sit on that coach and know we don't have to leave. Coming home here to me is peace. I've lived many places, many homes, I've been around the world. This is easily the most calming and relaxing point in my life. To know that I never have to move again. My kids will be here, my grandkids. One of the special things about the way that Portico properties was able to find a lot within Ballground, the girls are able to stay on the same bus. You know they'll be able to keep the same friends. It's gonna be great for them. It was very nice being able to stay in the same community,all the friends we've made we've been incredibly blessed with Terrence and Ashley building our house. They're no just our builders they're our friends. Everything that has been given to us in this has been the greatest most top of the line thing that can be given. It's humbling. [LAUGH] You never know how small you are until you see something so big as this. [MUSIC]
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