Episode 14: Building the Hutcheson's New Home

Watch as the Hutcheson family's new home comes together in Ball Ground, Georgia thanks to Operation FINALLY HOME, Portico Properties, and the well-wishes of family and friends.


[MUSIC] Well, we're one of the few families that got lucky with Portico Builders in Operation Finally Home, was when we met them on our surprise on our award night. As he walked away, Terrance slipped over and he said, where do you want to live at? And we said, well, we'd like to live in [UNKNOWN] but we'll live anywhere you want to put us. And they asked us they said, do you like your town? So we love it. We love the school, we love our church, we love our friends and they said all right. We'll look for land there and I think our chins hit the table [LAUGH] because we weren't expecting that. They were willing to go wherever, but we thought it would be important for them To remain in an area that they've become established. You're just like, wow, you're that important. I felt like royalty. [MUSIC] Today is the ceremonial groundbreaking for the Sergeant Matthew Hutcheson build with operation finally home. All right, the Hutchinsons are here! Woo! After the groundbreaking today, we'll start the official building process. Here in a couple of weeks, they'll start to go get the building permits and start to do construction. It's an exciting day and we talked Hutch already and he says it's a surreal day for him. It's really a dream come true. I don't personally feel that I'm even worthy to be here. I just got lucky. A lot of veterans don't. And even if you buy the lottery ticket. But I've obviously won the biggest lottery of all. This is what it is to me. It's a freedom for my children and my family that I don't think I ever could have given. Thank you guys. [APPLAUSE] It's a feeling of relief now that we've broken ground. It solidifies that the dream is real. People we've never even met are here. It's just amazing to see people rally for our family. The impact of this home for our family is. Everything. The girls are gonna be stable, we're gonna be stable, we'll be able to concentrate on what needs to be done, with [UNKNOWN] health. [MUSIC] Today, we're here for you guys to read Read all of the notes of love from your boyfriends, from your family, from the people in the community who are just wanting to make sure that your house is wrapped with love and you feel it every time that you walk into the house. The Notes of Love was It's just a really special event. Invited of course the suppliers, the subcontractors, as well as the community just to come in and write just special notes, messages that they would read and just know how much people care about them and how special they are to so many people. We've actually spray painted love, hope, and commitment on the wall. Mainly because I wanted to show them how much we appreciate them and that. [MUSIC] We're very excited to have [UNKNOWN] be here. What I'm most excited about today is really Seeing the reaction of Matthew and Leslie, just the outpouring of love from folks they know and from folks they don't know. And with that, I'm gonna [UNKNOWN] first. Okay, Dorrie, you're going [UNKNOWN] first, yay! Where's Everett? [UNKNOWN] I love you My Everett. [LAUGH] In a heart. [LAUGH] You know the good thing about this little thing for your boyfriend here? What? Drawable. [LAUGH] This home couldn't go to a more deserving family than yours. We can't wait to hear about all the great memories your family will be making in this great home. Love David and Bridget. Never give up your dreams love Aunt Olivia. Yeah that came. They came? No it came all the way from Michigan. [INAUDIBLE] In all this I got [UNKNOWN] the one from my mom she's in Michigan and doesn't get to experience this So, it's really cool to have that there. What, Notes of love really did though, it's a realism of what you mean to people. Someone didn't even know me and they did so much for my family. This keeps amplifying. There are no emotions that can explain it, you get so many emotions at one time coming to the top, it's surreal Overwhelming. There's no way to explain how big it gets. And you think it can't get any bigger? It just got bigger. [MUSIC] Leslie said early on in the process that she hasn't seen Matthew Excited about something like this in years. Honestly, they're the easiest clients that we've ever had to deal with, because we could do nothing wrong. In other words, they were excited about whatever it was that was being provided. Terrence and Ashley are amazing. They're not just our builders. They've become family. So we'll watch their girls grow up and then prosper in this house. I feel like we're in the family network forever now. It's the greatest thing ever. Our home isn't just building my home, they're giving me a home, family, friends, the support Network of just calling somebody to talk to. The greatest ever. I love you. The next event coming up is our dedication, now the anticipation and the excitement of the countdown begins. [MUSIC]
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