Episode 9: A Makeover for the Irving Home

See how the Irving family's new home is transformed with help from Maria Adams Designs, JCPenney, Operation FINALLY HOME, and Southern Living.


[MUSIC] We are in Sanford, Florida at US army Sargent Jackie Irving, and Brittany Irving's home. I heard through Operation Finally Home, Southern Living, and JC Penny we're going to be doing a room refresh, and the first thing I thought of was. Fantastic. Starting this morning we had, probably about 20 volunteers from JC Penney show up to unload the truck. Can it go up a little higher and still hide. We are redesigning and decorating the family room, the master bedroom, the kitchen, and dining room, and one of the boys' bedroom. There were probably 30 boxes of furnishings that had to be assembled. And placed in the house. This is quite a project. Normally it's a room or two. It's a whole house. We are currently building a rector. I'm just honored to be able to come Come here and help to give back for everything that he's given to us. I'm not at all nervous. We have a great team. We've had a lot of people here from JCPenney, and we've got a great team with my design staff and other members that are here volunteering. So, we will get this done. It'll be a long day, but we'll get it done. [MUSIC] Yay! You're here. Welcome home, we're so excited to see you. I wanted to introduce you to Maria, she's our Southern Living designer. [LAUGH] Brea, this is Brittany. Hi, so nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. Jackie. Hi, Jackie. Nice to meet you. Great. I don't know what to say. All right. All right. Should we go check out what beautiful things you have in your home? Yeah, let's go. Irving family, welcome home. Oh, snap. Oh my goodness. What? Oh my God! Wow. When the Irvings walked into the house, it was phenomenal. Yeah, how about that? All your special memorabilia on these shelves cuz we know how meaningful it is to you. Yeah, I love this. This- Wait This is nice. I don't know man. It was awesome. When I first walked in I was very shocked and joyful cause I started crying. I love it. It's everything I was thinking it was going to be like. Everything blends off each other, everything feeds off each other. It's just like a smooth flooring. relax in here now. And it actually makes me feel like I am home now. The furnishings were brought in so that we have a lot of places for seating and for the family to gather. And there are boys here, and so it's very durable. The sofas are slip covered so they're really easy to clean. They made longer For me, instead of so many different single cabinets that you would have had to reach higher just to open up one. I could reach lower to open up both and still be able to reach whatever I need to reach. It helps me from not having to use so much force onto of the injured areas. [MUSIC] So, here's your dining room. And we wanted to create a space for you where you can all gather round, enjoy your meals together, and have place for storage. [LAUGH] I really, I really appreciate this, this is very nice though. We also designed and decorated the master bedroom, and we wanted to give them a spa like feeling in there. So we encased the walls in this beautiful soft purple and it just really feels like a very comfortable and soothing place to rest and relax. Oh my god. What have I gotten into? [LAUGH] That nightstand over there. That's nice, I like this. I love it. That works perfect. see the old picture at the church? Yeah at the church, that's at mount pleasant. I believe it's going to work out good. I mean when I walked in there I had a sense of comfort right away, that was before I actually even entered the room. It was just like the colors and everything, how it was setup, was just calming. We designed this space so it could accommodate their large family, as well as their extended family and friends I like it Great. I just like these colors too, how they go together. I know. So we noticed in this room you have several beds, and I know you have some extra guests right now, and this is a great room to have those extra guests, so we set up a little guest area for you. Oh. Yep. That's what I had planned too. [LAUGH] Just like this. I love I really do. Good. I want to say thank you. Well, I heard some other good news this morning. The lot next door? We're gonna start the process to deed it over to you. Yes! Oh, my God! [LAUGH] That's what we need. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Yes. That's what we need. Yes. Congratulations. Yes. [MUSIC] This was a true honor being a part of this program, being a part of this experience. It was a tremendous amount of fun to do the design work. Watching Brittany and Jackie's reaction to the face and seemed that they were so surprised. So amazed by it. It just really warms my heart. It makes me feel great as a designer to be able to do something special for them. I hope this home continues to be such a blessing for the Irving family. While they have received a mortgage free home and all this furniture, they have paid quite a price for it. So I think that Jackie deserves this, as a veteran. It's one way that our Country can help pay him back. It really takes- [LAUGH] A big burden off of families- Yeah. When they do something like that to help the veterans. When they're coming out to the civilian world, it's completely different from the service side. It's completely different. This will A lot of time now for me to be more into the church and more into these extra activities that we have. So instead of having to worry so much about how we gonna do, where we gonna get the money from, now the bills are paid and everything like that. It's just definitely, financially and mental and emotional satisfaction. And it's a blessing. ANd I thank God she's finally home and Southern Living all for the help that they have provided here. 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