Episode 8: The Irving Family's New Home

Get to know the Irving family and learn how their new home has become a haven for the community.


[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] I don't wanna cry, but I'd just like to say thank you. Thank you to everybody. Thank you. [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] On three. Aw [LAUGH] Here we go. We're too high! [MUSIC] When my temper started coming up, I started getting angry, I started feeling anxiety I know what I need to do quick to get rid of it or to calm it down. He get on his boat, he gone. He'll be fine. I would fish from sunup to sundown. Literally, my wife would not see me for the whole day. I'll be gone three o'clock in the morning I be on the lake by four. I have no problems like that, it give me time to think, just working on my PTSP, it give me time to be physical, lot of times I done went out, and I pedal my boat out. Water calms me down. Don't let him go to bad pro shot, bad pro shot you being there for hours These are some of my babies that I have. I have insurance on them, for real, I have insurance on them. It takes a lot of patience, takes a lot of dedication, it takes a lot of discipline, and I believe that is another reason why I am where I am Now [MUSIC] Him playing music, listening to music that helps cool him down besides just being on the boat. that's how a lot ways I control my PTSD I lock myself away start playing with my music and suff I been paying really all my life. I lost 10 years of playing pretty much and now I really have gotten back in it. It was a first thing I got for myself for rehabilitation for my arm When I was going through therapy, I was telling my with that I might go back into my drums. My wife, she tough, she tough. I tell her all the time I know she probably can't throw a ball at me. Sometimes it's very nice to have him, and some of the times you just want to send him back off. That selection for me going into the military as a wife to a soldier. She loved me, she caring, she's fun, there's a lot about Brittany (laughs). My wife Gets annoyed sometimes cause there's so many people that's making it noise but she don't understand, that noise is my safety net. Because more of you guys here, less I have to worry about that's not here, and that comfort By having my family here. [MUSIC] My marriage went through a lot of tough things, you know. A lot of tough things. I'm just, I'm a say that. We love each other, man, and we get along. And we get through things together by the support of each other. I mean that's how we roll. [MUSIC] Yeah, we had Love Center New Beginning Church of God by Faith we're hosting our first Fall Festival for the youth department here. It is nice to see everything starting to come together. We are trying to help our young people and the way that we're putting that is by put a spotlight on a lot of things that happen to the youth these days, you know. Teen pregnancy, HIV, you know, gun violence. It might be fun. I'm excited. A lot of church members were excited about it. [MUSIC] Anytime you need something, you can literally go to their house and say, hey, I'm hungry or you know, I don't have any clothes or anything, they would give you the shirt off their back I have seen and done it. I get it from my mom and dad. We grew up, even me and my brother, all of us, we didn't open a gift until the community was fed, we didn't eat until the community was fed. That's how we were raised. I was brought up by my parents as being a good worker and they instilled this is me and so I instilled the same thing within them. He has $2.00, $3.00 in his pocket, he'll reach in, he would give it to you. There is no limit when it comes to him. They're all about the youth. They're all about giving. I know that for a fact because they took me in as family, and they haven't treated me any different. It started out to be just a name. It ended up being a face. Then, they ended up being a friend. Now, they end up being family. And they're in the middle of, right now, I'm trying to find a new home. She's taking care of all those kids by herself, due to her husband who was murdered. And I told them, hey man, I have all these rooms. Come and stay with us. At the times that she feel like she's giving up, all you need is a little motivation. And she take that, she run with it, she keep pushing on. Keep your head up. It's going to be okay. You know, we all love you here. You know just to hear somebody tell you that, and when you're going through what you're going through yeah. He really, really inspires the youth as well as me, as well as his household. For my mom said sometimes I do too much but I don't think I do enough. My operation to find a home come in to our lives, providing us with a home, it really help with us like in so many different ways, I mean. It's crazy, I mean, as you can see it's helping friends, and helping family and it's helping community, you know. It's really everybody has been able to get a part of the blessing that we received. One of the things that he always said was that he wanted to give back. He received this beautiful home and he wanted to give back to other people, he wanted to pass it forward. You do something nice for somebody, they do something nice for somebody else. I mean that's A perfect world, isn't it? The house is a refuge house. If you need prayer, you can go there, if you need a meal, you can go there. If you just want somebody to talk to You can actually go there. He doesn't turn anybody away. [MUSIC]
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