Episode 6: A New Home for the James Family

Watch as Goodall Homes and Operation FINALLY HOME present the James family with their new home.


[MUSIC] Friday is the dedication. So I'm really looking forward to it. They're gonna reveal the house. And we're gonna get to walk through it and see it. And should be completely finished. I've lived a certain way, and had to adapt to a lifestyle and a house that's not set for the disabled. When we started planning this house. They had a whole list of things to make our lives better. That I never even thought of. We pretty much sat down with Joe. Probably about 20 hours of just going through what his needs are. We made the doors wider, the cabinets a little bit lower. We designed the shower to be larger. It was a roll-in shower. And then there's a sidewalk all the way around the house so that he could have access. It was an honor, really, to To give back to Joe cuz Joe's given so much to us. [MUSIC] Who's excited to be here today? [APPLAUSE] Today we're installing the James home. It's an Operation Finally Home and we're partnering with JCPenney. [MUSIC] We put together all the furniture and it was a great team building moment and the story behind it was so powerful. First thing we're gonna do is get the bedroom in. Oh, okay great. Okay, and then we'll get the sectional out of the way. So they're gonna move in the furniture. Then we're gonna come back and revisit all of these small boxes. That's gonna be all of the kitchen items, bath items. All the pretty things. Tomorrow's a big day because Joseph and Sharon and their family will see the home for the very first time completed. They have no idea what's happening inside. It's an incredible project and they're going to be Surprise. [MUSIC] It's gonna be a grand dedication, there'll be a lot of military guys here to help out and to salute and be supportive. And the family of Goodall Homes will be here to support Joe, and my son was asking if they're gonna have cake there and I said, yeah they'll probably have cake. So. It was a sea of people. We are part of the community. We are citizens of Hendersonville. And it's official today. [APPLAUSE] I mean, these are the people that are gonna help other veterans in the future and you can tell they love to serve. They love to help out in their community. It's just so wonderful and And very overwhelming to be a recipient of what they do. I accept this home only if it's on behalf of Major Mark Rosenberg, Sargent Anthony Hardy, and our interpreter. Those are the people who were in the truck with me the day I lost my legs and my career from a road bomb in 2000 This is for you Major Rosenberg. [APPLAUSE] On behalf of all those who had a hand in making this day possible, and on behalf of the great country that we live in, we hope that you will accept this home as a small down-payment to the debt we owe you. You for your service and sacrifice in defending freedom for all. Thank you for what you've done, welcome to Hendersonville. [APPLAUSE] I spent 21 hours yesterday planning, designing, installing this home. Loved every minute of it, and when I came back this morning I was so excited. Just to you know, the anticipation and I wanted to give them something that they would love. i would say it's been my privilege to design, plan, and install this beautiful home for you. Jame's family, welcome home Oh wow girls! Look at this! Oh, they have pictures of us! Oh, that's amazing! Look what they did! [LAUGH] No way! Look at this! Oh my gosh! Melody! First I started in the living room. Room. And I wanted to create a comfortable environment for the family. They love family time, they love game night, they love pizzas, they love watching tv as a family. Watch your shoes! Melissa did such an amazing job, she put in just bright and welcoming colors. Like when I walked in, it felt like home. [LAUGH] I know this is so beautiful. Look at the kitchen. Look at the kitchen. I wanted to give you guys a lot of comfortable seating. And so, you have a nice sectional provided by JC Penny. Oh my goodness, Jen. Oh, wow. Wow. Oh ha ha. Oh my god, it's comfortable. Sharon and Joe mentioned that they would love for their master retreat to be restful, romantic, relaxing. I went with the blue grey reminds me of the water. I also wanted to give them a great bed. [LAUGH] Oh, my goodness Wow. you have an upholster headboard, layers of bedding. Whoah. Lot's of storage space. The way this whole room looks, this is more than we ever thought of [MUSIC] Move in. It's so beautiful. As we kind of went through the building process one of the really big things I was excited about was having a fire place because we've never had a good place to hang up our Christmas stockings. And I walked in today, and I'm gonna cry thinking about it. They had stockings already lined up along the mantle. And I think I lost it then too. [LAUGH] Yeah, yeah. Okay, I have to hug you. Oh, thank you. [LAUGH] Oh. This is way more then we've ever, ever imagined. I'm in shock over it. [MUSIC] Oh, I'm excited for Joe. [MUSIC] He deserved it. Him and Jaren and the girls. They really deserve it. And all the soldiers deserve, we wish we could do that for everybody. I think God put me and Joe together In our church for this to happen, being with Goodall Homes and it just fell in place. I hope that this home gives them a new start, the last few Few years have not. They've had obstacles obviously. I think they were very deserving of this fresh start. They have lots of plans. They have lots of goals. They have lots of memories to make. And it's just refreshing to me To walk out of here and know that I have given them a foundation to create a lot of lasting memories. Not only have we been given a home, but we've also been given hope. Just hope for a brighter future. This is definitely gonna become the new chapter in our lives. This is gonna be where the memories are [INAUDIBLE] All these organizations work together to make the most amazing home we've ever seen. And we are beyond blessed to be able to be in this home. We are so grateful and we love every one of you. Thank you so Thank you. [MUSIC]
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