Sponsored: JCPenney Gives Back

Learn about how JCPenney partnered with Operation FINALLY HOME to give back to the James family. Plus, see a few more surprises the team had up their sleeves.


[MUSIC] JC Penney was founded on the Golden Rule, and we've always had a long history of giving back. Our connection to supporting veterans and their families starts internal. These men and women have given so much to this country. And beyond the veterans themselves, our. [MUSIC] Commitment goes to their family's. We heard operation Finding Home was presenting the change to family's with a brand new house. And we knew we could be a good partner and step in and turn that house into home by giving them specific items that they needed for their Their family for Joe. JCPenney got involved through operation, find me home. And we saw an opportunity where we could give back to the community. This is just one of many families across the country that we can touch and effect in a positive way. We were refered JCPenney and I'm from the Franklin store. It's certainly a great opportunity to give back to someone that served the country. And when you look at what Joe went through, what [UNKNOWN] went through, what JC Penney stands for in our support for veterans and their families, when we had the opportunity to give just a little bit something back to this family and provide them with furnishings for their home That was the easy decision. James' family, on behalf of Operation Finally Home with JC Penney, we'd like to welcome you to new home. Welcome home. Oh my gosh. [CROSSTALK] Oh wow. [LAUGH] Look at Rachael. [LAUGH] Oh no way. Oh look at this. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, [UNKNOWN]. Watch your shoes. What do y'all think? Oh my goodness. JC Penney has a huge home furnishings collection. The design process was pretty easy. All I had to do is learn about the family. They're fun. They're young. They're energetic. and so that's what I brought to the house. I brought energy, a color, vibrancy. Everything in this home mirrors their personalities. Oh wow. I lived a certain way and had to adapt to a lifestyle and a house that's not set. They had a whole list of Things to make our lives better that I never even thought of. Seeing the living room, the kitchen, they outdone themselves, and I completely mean that. This is more than we ever imagined. This is more than we ever thought. I don't think there's words to describe how I felt when I walked into the bedroom. Each room. I was completely blown away. I was not expecting it all. J.C. Penney southern living completely did this house. I'm in shock over it. [MUSIC] << Joe I want to thank you and your family for your service and sacrifice for this country. With the holidays around the corner And a small token of our appreciation. We want to present you with the $2,500 JC Penny gift card. [LAUGH] Oh my gosh. Thank you, thank you so much. Oh my gosh. And before we go, I've got one more surprise for you. All right. Here we go. [SOUND] Hello. Hey there. Hey. How are you? I'm Cole Swindell. What's your name? I'm Rachael. You're Rachael. Hi, I'm Melanie. Hi Melanie, nice to meet you. Mommy, daddy, [INAUDIBLE] here. Joe and Erin, I wanna [INAUDIBLE]. Hey, I'm Joe. Joe, nice to meet you, brother. Erin, so nice to meet you. It's very nice to meet you all. We had the opportunity to party with Cole, who's a big supporter of veterans and their families. We knew that country music was important and it was a part of the Jay's family lifestyle. Joe, when I heard your story, And I had to be a part of this. Thank you all so much for letting me share this moment with a brand new home that looks absolutely amazing. Thank you. And I actually have a brand new song that I would love to play for you all and let you hear it for the first time, see what you all think, if you all are okay with that. Yeah. Thank you. Please. Let's go do it and see what you all think. God bless you all and here's the song. Its called you should be here and I hope you like it. [MUSIC] This was a brand new song you know that I wanted to play for them. I wanted it to be special and I felt like they could relate to it. You know thankful to be able to give back and play something that I wrote that hopefully touched a family that Has sacrificed so much. [MUSIC] It's a really moving song. I can directly relate to that with my experience of being deployed, and losing friends on the battlefield, and leaders. And how I wish that they could be home, like I am with my family. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Thank you. I am glad to be here, and we are so thankful for you Joe and family. J.C. Penny and myself would like to invite y'all to be my guests at the CMA Awards, if that's something y'all would be interested in.>> [APPLAUSE] Come on! All right, y'all are going with us. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] I think this is the beginning of an amazing partnership with Operation Finally Home. We've now given two homes away to these incredibly deserving families. We've got three more slated, and And it's an amazing project for JC Penny where we can continue to support a cause that is near and dear to our associates' hearts. To our customers' hearts. And we'll definitely continue this effort to move forward. The next chapter in the life is probably the most important chapter. This space brings color and vibrancy and life to an already full-of-life Family. I think this is gonna be one of the most special holidays of all time. Everything is new, and they're just gonna be able to celebrate. Celebrate their lives, celebrate the holidays and celebrate their future. And our story's just one Just because they helped us today I mean these are the people that are going to help other veterans in the future and I mean you can tell they love to serve, they love to help out in the community. Seeing organizations like Operation FInally Home and Goodall Homes and how they continue to give back, J.C. Penney, working with the Southern Living to design this home. All these organizations Organizations work together to make the most amazing home we've ever seen, and we are beyond blessed to be able to be in this home. And we know that they will continue doing this, cuz that's their heart, their heart is to give back. And it's not something that can be taught, those people truly care. [MUSIC]
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