What to Collect Now

Snappy antiques? You bet! Andrew Brunk of Brunk Auctions gives his tips on how to begin curating a valuable antique collection.


-Passionate collectors often do collect regionally, and we have people who will buy things very specifically because their filling up a certain part of their self. But some people are just [unk] and they want great things across the board. What really matters from a value perspective is who wants it. Because even if it's the only one of its kind and it's in perfect shape, if nobody out there wants it, it's not worth anything. So that's what we are always trying to guage. Demand is a really big part of the chemistry of it all. But that also makes for opportunity in the market and, you know, there are always great opportunities out there. The trick is recognizing them and knowing when they're in front of you. My advice to someone who's thinking of collecting is have good focus, you know, narrow in on what it is you really want to collect. Study it, and learn it, and find the very best examples that you can. Whatever your price range is, instead of buying 10 okay things, take that money and buy 1 really great thing. -You're out and about on the antique trail-- you're in some flea market or something, what are some things you should be looking for? -Things that have real visual snap! Things when you see them-- that are fun and interesting, and just somehow different. And age has very little to do with value anymore. A lot of times there-- people might undervalue something because it's not very old, when in fact there's a great market for it. In a lot of cases, you can buy good, genuine antiques that will at least presumably hold their value in a way for less at a cost to go and buy a new imported one at the furniture store. I encourage people to buy things they love, and enjoy them, use them, decorate with them, live with them, and hopefully down the road they'll be-they'll be worth more money.
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