Decorating with Unique Objects

Interior designer Phoebe Howard and Antiques Roadshow appraiser Stuart Whitehurst discuss how unexpected objects can strike the perfect balance in a room.


-Now, not everybody has a sort of thing in their dining room. But tell me a little bit about where you found this and why you put them here? -Well, this is one of my favorite things in our house. My husband was given these binoculars as a gift. He was thrilled. He loves them. My understanding is the World War 2 binoculars captured off of a Japanese ship and that they were made by the company that then went on to become an icon. We live all the water and so we have this wonderful view. And we've had many nights of looking out at the river with them. -The thing that drew me to these instantly was the industrial nature of the design and I have a term that I use a lot, which is industrial collectable, which is an object that was really in use for a specific purpose. But now, we look at it in different way. How did you approach that? -Well, I just like to throw a one-off into a room, sort of unexpected hit. You know, I always like to take, like this is a traditional room. You wouldn't think this would be here. But it looks perfectly at home here. So this is my-- just what I call the one-off. -It has just such a clean and bright design. And it has Japanese markings. So with Antiques Roadshow, we always look at the markings that usually gives you a very good clue because objects themselves, very typically can have a generalized design that you see in very many countries. And this has such a great material that it's made of. -The great thing about this is that it doesn't tarnish. So in Florida, that's been a plus. -That is a really great point. -Yeah. -Because very frequently, you-- you will grab a tape towards the objects that need to be in a particular environment. You don't wanna have a lot of-- I would imagine, silver? -Silver's kind of a nightmare in Florida. As much as I love it, you have to kind of keep it in silver cloth. If you keep it out, it's locked. -That's a great tip and oftentimes, things that might be susceptible to mildew as well. -Yes, exactly. -Very, very important point. This is just such a sumptuous design. It's so clean. It's very almost sort of deco as far as that's concerned. So in this regency environment, it's-- it really is a one-off. -Yeah. -It served like a bang, here it is. That's a very nice touch. -Thank you.
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