What It's Worth: Trench Art

Is a Belgium antique from the trenches or a post-war reproduction? Designer Phoebe Howard visits Antiques Roadshow to find out the facts and what this unique antique is worth.


-Hi, I'm Phoebe Howard. I'm here with Southern Living Magazine at the Antiques Road Show in Jacksonville, Florida. As a resident of Jacksonville, I'm so excited to have the Antiques Road Show here and I can't wait to see what the experts say about the items that I've bought here today. This is something that has been going on at Belgium. This is [unk]. My understanding of what this is, is that something about the most evil rulers since the birth of mankind, it's the best that I can translate it. So, I just wanted to see what you thought? -You know Belgium is kind of the place where Trench Art comes from. And it's really two entirely different things to look at with Trench Art. There's actual art that was made by soldiers but an awful lot of Trench Art out there is really post war. That's not what you have, what you have is an honest to goodness, Harrison made [unk] which in the [unk] that's definitely three steps above any of the commercial production. The style of the carving, the talent that went into it, it's absolutely stunning. Most of your Trench Art carving is [unk], the nicer wooden pieces. They tend to be two to $300 at the most. You guys paid $1500 for this. Honestly I would be surprised, if he'd fell out of love with it all the sudden and he wanted to sell it on a retail basis, I'd be surprised if he didn't doubled your money. I think it's at least $3000. It's absolutely stunning.
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