How To Shop for Antique Furniture

Get beginner tips on how to shop for antique furniture from the pros at Antiques Roadshow.


-I think most people when they're starting out they're not very knowledgeable and they buy things to use. And my advice would be never spend more than you can afford to spend and if you are gonna spend more than just a couple of hundred dollars on something or even $500, make sure that you're getting what you think you're getting. When you're starting out unless you, you know, you got a lot of knowledge or and or a lot of income, I think it's fun to look for things that you can afford and fix up, and then as you go along if you're really interested and I think it would be good to refine your taste, you learn more about it. I would seek out mentors, people who really know. -Where can you find those mentors you suggest? -Dealers. People that work at auction houses, appraisers, more importantly, maybe collectors, you know, the most people that are in this business that are older love to share their knowledge. I think you can make a really nice eclectic look with a two really well-placed antiques along with, you know, contemporary things, you know, comfortable sofas and things like that. -That's definitely a look that we promote and show in Southern Living. -I think a lot of people might go to the pages of Southern Living to flip and find a - how do we create this stuff for my house. And you can go to Big Box stores and buy these things or you can really begin to hunt the market and find the real thing. I think that's where we get really passionate about, I go from the show and both from the life, and what we do is helping people find things at auctions, find things are yard sales, find things at a state sale that can decorate their home with real wood. I think one of the best buys in the market right now is round furniture. We look at this and we affectionately call it round furniture and that's referring to this solid wood stuff that's been created for the last 200 years. What are kids buying today? [unk], you know, [unk] and leather, and chrome, there's a lot of these new modern style that's leaving all the old classic stuff. Still very reasonable in price and probably a good investment long-term, it's gonna come back, there'll be a day. But items that were $5,000, you know, five years ago could easily be $500 today, those are very difficult to move. And so there are - I think there's lots of people that can go in and get a dresses, they can get a bed, they can get a dining table, they can get chairs and they can pick them up on the cheap in furniture houses, the real thing, and have a great look, [unk].
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