What It's Worth: Games Tables

Young collectors should keep an eye out for antique games tables like the pair Designer Phoebe Howard came across during a visit to Antiques Roadshow. The beautiful pieces are both affordable and surprisingly contemporary.


-Hi. I'm Phoebe Howard. I'm here with Southern Living Magazine at the Antiques Roadshow in Jacksonville, Florida. I was particularly taken with these games tables. Can you tell me a little bit about them? -Sure. These are two of our favorites that came in. It's amazing [unk] but this is one of the most desirable forms, this is Federal games table with flame birch panels. Look at that, beautiful wood. -Beautiful. -And these tops flip and the legs moves out, and they become a playing circus. -Right. -Play cards. It's very elegant. -Right. Well, this is what I call a timeless classic. I mean this will be good now, this will be good in 30 years, I mean this is decoratively - you could place in so many - place this in the dining room, in the living room, in the foyer. I mean I think it's - it would be a great investment for young collector. Are they fairly affordable? -Yes. -This sort of thing right now? -It can appeal to young collectors because it does have clean lines like contemporary furniture does. There's not extra ornamentation. -Simple. -So, it can go with modern design. -Right. -And they are affordable. For a single table like this, Federal, circa 1810, New England, [unk] and mahogany [unk] table, you can find a table like this for perhaps even $3,000. -Exactly. -$2,500 to $3,500. For a pair of them-- -A pair, I mean - estimate for a pair and this one has a better surface. If I look this up, it has the old surface people like, see that? -Yes. -This one got a little more clean. -Right. -But as a pair of this, we'd estimate this at $8,000 to $12,000. -I agree. -And it could ring higher. -Right. -Because they're so elegant, they're so beautiful.
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