Decorating with Antique Console Tables

A console table can be a versatile addition to any room. Interior designer Phoebe Howard and Antiques Roadshow appraiser Stuart Whitehurst discuss how to decorate with this antique classic.


-You have a couple and I do mean it, actually a couple of different tables here. I want you to show me a little about them. -Well, they are a pair of demilune consoles, which you know, were originally the in pieces of the table. There was a center portion which is gone. But then their repurpose here is just console tables. And they also serve dual function and that you can take the two demilunes, and put them together and form a round table if you need an additional table for entertaining or for serving. -Like the kids' table at Thanksgiving. -The kids' table at Thanksgiving, exactly. -And put them off to this side. -Exactly. -That's great. Well, they're made of mahogany. They date from around 1790 to about 1810, beautiful quality of wood and as far as today's decorating is concerned, would you consider them fairly approachable? -That's if you could pick these up for a good price. I think they're a timeless classic. I think as long as you keep them just simple and without too much ornamentation, they're just good, basic pieces. This is a great thing for a young collector to pick up as one of your first purchases because there are so many places where you can put them. And if you move from house to house, it's easy to relocate them in another room later. Dining room, hall, living room, multiple, multiple locations where this would work. -At least for our purposes, I know that in today's market, these actually can be picked up pretty reasonably. -Yes. -A pair of these at auction would probably be around $2,000. -You can't pick up a new demilune console for much less. So if a new-- this is one of my basis for buying sometimes. If a reproduction is the same price or less, why wouldn't you want an old ones, you can have one of that beautiful patina.
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