What It's Worth: 18th Century Painting

Good deal or bad deal? This 18th century painting could be worth more than its $2,500 offer. Designer Phoebe Howard uncovers the truth during an appraisal at Antiques Roadshow.


-Hi, I'm Phoebe Howard. I'm here with Southern Living Magazine at the Antiques Road Show in Jacksonville, Florida. As a resident of Jacksonville, I'm so excited to have the Antiques Road Show here and I can't wait to see what the experts say about the items that I've bought here today. Seventeen years ago, a man came into our shop and asked me for 18th and 19th century landscape paintings, passing through the hallway this is [unk] and he said "I'll give you $2500 cash for that" and I said no. But now in hindsight 17 years later I have a feeling I should have taken the money [unk] has been curious about it. -That's an interesting thing, you know much about the artist? -I don't know anything. -His name is actually George Payne. George Payne is a [unk]. It tells you right down here, it says [unk]. RSA is a royal Scottish Lieutenant. What we have is a single gentleman surrounded by women and children. [Unk] sort of working women and [unk]. So, he's painting this probably in the mid to late 1800's. Instead of [unk] going on, sort of nostalgic looking back. Like white color used to be as clever, since it's in black and white, this is not finished in watercolor. It's intended to be something else. It didn't [unk] after he died. This is about signatures and states. As to value? Yes, I would have taken the $2500, I was going to grab quickly. -That's what I thought. -Yes, [unk] might be $2500 in drawing in this condition, very monochromatic. You'll be lucky he stays and it's a gift three to $500.
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