Our First Cover: Finding the Girls on the Bike

On the cover of our first-ever issue, February 1966, we featured a home in Mobile with two girls on a tandem bike. Fifty years later, we tracked down Jo Anne Magnes Fusco, Alice McMurphy Jones, and their bicycle built for two.


[MUSIC] One of the most fun stories that came out of this whole 50th anniversary was we went back to the very first issue, and we were looking at the cover, and we decided we were gonna try and track down the home in Mobile, Alabama that was on the cover. So we put something out on Facebook. We asked if anybody knew where that home was. And within 48 hours we had gotten back that somebody knew where that home was. And not only that, but we tracked down the two little girls who were riding on a red bicycle built for two in that cover. They were just the most charming women. One of them is in Mobile, the other one lives in In Memphis. And the incredible thing was one of them still had the red bike in her garage. So we got them back together and to me, it just sums up everything that the fiftieth anniversary is about. [MUSIC]
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