How To Make a Healthy Turkey Club

With a few easy swaps and tasty additions, a turkey club sandwich can now be a healthy option for an easy lunch.


When it comes to lunch time, the club sandwich is a favorite. But this classic hardy sandwich is also loaded with calories, saturated fat and sodium. Here's how you can turn this old school sandwich into a nutritional power house, that you can feel good about serving your family anytime. First, instead of traditional white bread. Use toasted whole grain sandwich bread. It has great flavor and texture. Plus healthy fiber to make your sandwich even more satisfying. Then instead of mayonnaise, use mashed avocado. It's just as creamy and adds a touch of heart healthy fat and fiber. [MUSIC] You could use traditional Romaine lettuce, but I'm using baby Spinach to boost the nutrition and color even more. Then add tomato slices, and a slice of uncured turkey bacon. Uncured turkey bacon is lower in sodium, and has about half the calories and fat of regular bacon. Next I'm going to skip the extra layer of bread that you often see in the club sandwich, to save some calories. Here's a little food trivia for you. When the club sandwich was invented over 100 years ago, it wasn't a double decker. Now lay on a couple of slices of smoked turkey breast. Just be sure to use turkey that's all natural and preservative free. Top the sandwich with a remaining slice of toasted bread. And cut in half from corner to corner. Now that's what I call a gret sandwich. [MUSIC]
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