These Are Spotify's Most Popular Workout Playlists

Sally Anscombe / Getty Images
Need a new gym jam?

Do ever find yourself staring at people crushing it at the gym and wondering what their secret is? “They must have an amazing playlist,” you think to yourself enviously. Well, good news: their secret is out.

Spotify has released its top workout music trends so you too can accomplish your fitness goals this year. Among the nearly 25 million workout playlists created on Spotify, Drake, Eminem, Kanye West and Rihanna are responsible for the most popular booty-shaking jams that get people sweating.

The streaming service's most popular workout songs include “‘Till I Collapse” (Eminem), “Stronger” (Kanye), “Jumpman” (Drake) and “Work” (Rihanna). Speaking of booty shaking, Spotify's data shows that the Dance Workout tracklist takes the top spot for workout playlists.

Interestingly, Spotify also revealed that workout playlists are most popular in Norway, Iceland and Sweden. Is Drake the hygge secret we’ve been searching for?

You can find songs to inspire you the next time you hit the gym and get more popular playlist ideas on Spotify.

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