Shop Local Designers: Judith March

Photo: Dawn Anderson
Stephanie Nichols is making her mark in the fashion industry with her Bohemian-style designs here in the South—and beyond

Company: Judith March

Location: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Since its 2009 debut, Stephanie Nichols' clothing line, Judith March (named for two inspirational women in her life), has gone from trunk shows in the designer's native Brundidge, Alabama, to being stocked by more than 2,000 retailers nationwide. With a Bohemian feel, Stephanie's work features vintage prints, crochet appliqués, and eclectic flower motifs. Despite the striking designs, she credits the line's rise to her attention to customer feedback. "I've found that the success of Judith March has come from designing the styles and silhouettes that real women are looking for," she says.

Editor's Pick: Floral Maxi Dress, $129; (20% off entire purchase. Code: SOUTHERNLIVING).

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