Photo: Deb Knoske

Diane E. Kelly is making her mark with her adorable footwear designed for any occasion

Company: Diana E. Kelly

Location: Sarasota, Florida

In less than a year, entrepreneurial Diana Kelly turned wishful doodles into a full-fledged company with the launch of her eponymous shoe line. The concept: Day-to-night heels, wedges, and flats that pair equally well with jeans or your Sunday best. Inspired by her love of antique jewelry, each pair of shoes—and now a new handbag collection—features a brooch or bauble that looks as though it might have been plucked from your very stylish grandmother's jewelry box. Women across the country are slipping on her footwear, designed with the help of a podiatrist, for its mix of top-notch comfort and well-heeled sophistication.

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